• Pacific Halibut

  • Albacore

  • Salmon


Crab Fising:

Crabbing at the cove has been incredible the last 5 years straight. Trent has taken pride in knowing when and where to soak his crab traps. Limits are usually the rule on the Biteme. Thats 10 crabs per person.

Rockfish and Ling Cod:

Bottom fishing is traditionally a favorite for most fishermen. You never know what will be coming up on your line--it's a "potluck" event. With a 10 fish limit, action with the blacks or reds is fast and furious. This is an all age and skill level event. In addition to the 10-bag limit you are allowed 2 lingcod per person. These ugly critters are more of a challenge to catch and offer quite a fight, and look out when they come aboard, they are scary looking but they sure taste great!!


Shelter cove is one of the few places on the on the California coast where the Pacific Halibut is a regular catch. The largest of the flatfish on the pacific coast our deep underwater canyons provide the perfect habitat for these giant fish. Fishing depths average from 100 to 450 feet and it is common to land fish ranging from 20lbs to over 200lbs!!!! These challenging fish fight hard to stay in the deep but are a blast to catch-And delicious on your plate!!!


Catching a tuna is an anglers dream. Once you hook a tuna, you'll be hooked for life!! This torpedo shaped fish usually weighing about 10 to 60lbs, migrates thousands of miles and is the fastest fish in the pacific. Your lines will peel when you hook one of these fish. Be prepared for your arms to hurt after reeling in one of these most prized fish. Schools of these fish usually come in around late July through October and are found anywhere from 10 to 40 miles out. Once these "long fins" are located, the action is usually "wide open"!! Be prepared for some hard fighting fun!!!